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Back-To-School Comfort and Confidence for the College Student

It’s almost fall again, and with cooler temperatures not that far away, that can only mean one thing: back-to-school outfits. Cultivating your wardrobe, as a college student, poses a much more unique challenge than when your mom was picking out your outfits each morning. Students need to discover how to dress for a wide variety of social and professional situations. They must do this by incorporating functional pieces that are trendy, and they need to look good while doing this. It is imperative to acquire versatile pieces that can function well when attending classes, going out on the town, studying, engaging in athletic events and for professional engagements. The following three styles cover a multitude of situations that an undergrad may have to morph into on any given day.

The Academic


The first look you will need to master is “The Academic”. This student needs to get dressed with little thought, but still look attractive, fashionable and be extremely comfortable. Sitting in a lecture hall for two and a half hours can be tedious, and comfort with style is the main concern for these students. An everyday staple for the Academic is the Therafirm Core-Spun Crew Sock. This everyday sock boasts comfort, moisture wicking technology, and keeps feet dry and cool. This item is perfect for constantly walking to and from classes. The Core-Spun Crew Sock also provides patented gradient compression technology. This compression will prevent legs from getting tired and achy after walking around campus and sitting in classes all day.

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The Athlete


Whether you are a serious athlete or just an occasional gym-goer, it is necessary to have the proper workout attire. As an athlete you want your clothes to look good, and you also need them to aid you in performance. Both designs of Therafirm’s Core-Sport and TheraSport products incorporate gradient compression for improved circulation. This aids in the recovery process and helps fight fatigue. Therafirm’s athletic wear also uses moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and has antimicrobial fibers to prevent odors.

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The Impression


You may be a senior preparing for job interviews, or perhaps you have a big presentation for your business class. Either way, Therafirm’s Ease collection is what you need to have in your arsenal to make the best impression. The women’s stockings contain a non-restrictive waistband to help ensure a comfortable all day wear and come in a multitude of styles, sizes and colors. Both the men’s and women’s lines contain trouser socks with your choice of compression grade. Both lines use micro-cool technology to keep you comfortable and dry all day, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles to go with an assortment of professional ensembles.

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Therafirm’s patented, affordable and stylish products have been a trusted name for over 50 years! You can be confident that you are buying a high quality product that will last. Incorporating these three essential pieces into your wardrobe will leave any campus bound person feeling confident that they are covered for most occasions. Be sure to check out the many other quality products that Therafirm has to choose from.



Memorial Day Style Inspiration

Summer is on the horizon and with summer comes summer fashions.  Are you wondering how to maintain your style and comply with doctor’s orders to wear compression hosiery?  That’s easier than it’s ever been with beautiful and stylish fashion compression hosiery from Therafirm.

TFL polyvore

My favorite thing to do of late is to dress in neutral colors with one spicy pop color!  That was the idea behind this ensemble, which is perfect for all your Memorial Day fun!  A sweet, but comfy casual t-shirt dress will give you the stylish appearance you’re looking for, but is oh so comfortable!  And a t-shirt dress allows you to easily add a pair of TherafirmLight footless tights for the healthy benefits of compression.  Opt for the same subtle color for your fingernail paint, as well as a matching bag and strappy sandal combo.  Then, choose your “pop” color for your jewelry.  For this set, I chose bright red scarf, earrings and bracelet.  And for the finishing touches, use the same “pop” color for your uncovered toes!  You’re ready for a backyard barbecue, an outdoor garden wedding or even an afternoon baseball game in box seats!

Core-Spun Patterns Polyvore

Guys want to look their best, too!  And now they can, even when the doctor prescribes compression hosiery.  It’s okay guys, you won’t be stuck wearing old lady stockings.  How about a pair of fashionable Core-Spun Patterns socks!  Core-Spun socks are the ultimate in comfort with super soft and stretchy yarns.  You won’t even realize you’re wearing compression.  Now that Core-Spun socks are available in patterns, you can be comfortable, healthy AND stylish all at once!  There are four new Core-Spun Patterns available for both men and women, but the pair in this set is Merger.  Black socks with navy and gray stripes were the inspiration for this men’s fashion set.  They can be paired with your favorite weekend jeans and a simple gray polo shirt.  Add your everyday accessories including a nice pair of shades and you’re ready for grilling!

Lovely in Lavender

Core-Spun Patterns are not just for the men.  This pair, called Trendsetter, are also great for the ladies!  And for a nice Memorial Day weekend ensemble, pair them with a pair of fashion jeans and a sweet flowy blouse.  My favorite color is purple, so I navigate to it naturally.  But, what a beacon of spring!  I added a butterfly bag and purple accessories to polish off an outfit perfect for Summer’s opening weekend!