Top 3 Reasons to Wear Compression

There are so many reasons to wear compression, it’s hard to narrow it down to three, but for the sake of this blog post, we have.  And here they are!

  1. Your Doctor Told You To – Do you have a medical condition that requires you to wear compression? You have the advice and perhaps prescription to wear compression, but are hesitant to follow the doctor’s advice because who wants to wear ugly medical compression hosiery? No one!  Good thing Therafirm Gradient Compression Hosiery is stylish, and fashionable or even sporty.  Wearing compression can improve or alleviate several medical conditions including swelling, DVT and varicose veins, so listen to the doc and try a pair!
  2. Your Legs Feel Great – Wearing compression can make your legs feel great, which is really good news to a lot of people, especially those whose legs are continually tired and achy. Gradient compression improves blood flow, promoting better circulation, controlling swelling and relieving tired and achy legs. Why wouldn’t you want stocking that do that?!
  3. We Make It So Easy – That’s right, Therafirm has so many choices in styles, colors and compression levels that everyone is sure to find something great! Ease, for example, is made from super stretchy fibers making the garments easier to put. TherafirmLight hosiery products offer our lightest amount of compression at only 10-15 mmHg for those that just need a little bit.  TheraSport and Core-Sport athletic compression socks provide a sporty look and feel with beneficial compression for athletes.  Core-Spun socks look and feel like everyday, casual socks with the added benefit of true gradient compression.  And for the pregnant mama, Preggers is a fashionable choice for those needing support for tired, achy legs.  With so many choices, Therafirm makes wearing compression downright easy!

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