EASE Microfiber Tights – Beautiful, Comfortable, Easy to Put On!

One of the biggest complaints among people who wear higher compression is that they’re not fashionable and downright ugly.  But, with EASE by Therafirm that is truly a thing of the past.  And, if there was ever any doubt, the newest EASE products are sure to erase it.


EASE by Therafirm Microfiber Tights are beautiful and very fashionable.  Everyday colors include Navy, Black, Coal, Cocoa, Mulberry and Winter White.



Another big complaint about higher compression hosiery is that they’re hard to put on.  But, just like all EASE products, our Microfiber Tights are made with high stretch yarns making them easier to put on than most other higher compression tights.



And finally comfort.  Many of the higher compression hosiery products are rough and terribly uncomfortable.  But, not EASE.  Our Microfiber Tights are made of super soft microfiber material, with a knit-in waist band and a smooth toe, ensuring all-day comfort.  A reinforced heel and toe also make them especially durable.



EASE by Therafirm Microfiber Tights, like all EASE products, feature gradient compression, meaning they deliver a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreasing toward the top of the garment.  Gradient compression promotes better blood flow and assists in preventing swelling.



The tights are available in both long and short lengths and both mild (15-20mmHg) and moderate (20-30mmHg) compression levels, as well as the six fashionable colors.  All Ease by Therafirm products are 100% made in the USA in Therafirm’s own manufacturing facilities.



If your wardrobe includes mild to moderate compression hosiery, put on a pair of EASE by Therafirm Microfiber Tights.  You won’t be sorry!


Winter White

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