Happy American Business Women’s Day from Therafirm

On September 22, 1982, the United States began celebrating American Business Women’s Day.  The recognition was established by Congress to honor and reflect upon the accomplishments and contributions of women in the work force, as well as women business owners.

In the 1940s, when a large part of the American work force was called upon to serve in the military during World War II, America’s women took up the slack in the workplace.  Although, many of these women chose to return home at the end of the war, the numbers of women in the work force have steadily increased since then.  According to the US Department of Labor, American women make up 47% of today’s labor force with just under 59% of women ages 16 and over were either employed or looking for work.

Therafirm would like to salute career women this American Business Women’s Day on September 22.

Hard work sometimes means long days.  Wearing Therafirm Compression Hosiery can help keep your helps from swelling and feeling tired and achy.  Many business women may want to try our Ease hosiery.  Ease hosiery is easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.  They come in professional and fashionably-beautiful colors, as well as a variety of styles.

Try a pair of our new Ease Microfiber Tights with a simple, solid color dress and blazer for the ultimate in comfort and a professional look!


Another beautiful and professional look  would include any of our fashionable Fall/Winter colors from TherafirmLight.  Our Diamond Trouser Socks are available in Cosmopolitan Steel, a classic, blue gray color.  Berry Heather Tights are not only a new color, but also a stylish heathered material.  They’ll add a splash of color to any wardrobe – business or otherwise! (Coming Soon!)



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