Introducing TheraSport!


Meet TheraSport!  TheraSport is our new brand of athletic compression performance and recovery socks.  TheraSport athletic socks are engineered to improve circulation and provide more energy for greater endurance, enhanced performance and a speedy recovery.

While the medical benefits of compression have been known for some time, the benefits of compression for athletes have generated a lot of attention recently.  Athletes that wear athletic compression garments may experience less delayed onset muscle soreness, less fatigue, improved performance, less edema post-competition and faster recovery.  Gradient compression, which is compression that is greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases as it moves toward the knee, is known to improve blood flow from the ankle to the heart.  This increased blood flow improves oxygenation and enhances athletic performance. Although common in the medical world, gradient compression is virtually unknown in athletic compression – as most athletic compression on the market is the more basic all over compression.

TheraSport Athletic Performance and Recovery Socks from TheraSport are breaking the athletic compression mold.  Not only do they offer the wearer the true gradient athletic compression, but they also have a number of other benefits that make them ideal for today’s most serious professional and amateur athletes or anyone who prefers a sports style sock.

TheraSport socks are made with a super soft and lightweight material for exceptional comfort.  A comfortable band provides a non-binding grip to help the socks stay up.  High tech, moisture wicking yarns, as well as breathable mesh paneling and moisture-wicking fibers keep feet cool and odor under control.  A unique “Y” heel stitching helps to keep socks in place.  Additional Achilles and foot protection provide greater support and stabilization.  Finally, a lightweight cushioning helps to absorb shock and protect feet during athletic activity.

Happy running!


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