TherafirmLIGHT Fashions for Fall/Winter 2015

Are you ready for new colors for Fall 2015?  We are!!  And we’ve got an extra special beauty to keep your legs looking trendy and fashionable all fall and winter long.  Our Diamond Trouser Socks look absolutely stunning in the beautiful cool Cosmopolitan Steel color.  Winter may be grey, but the richness of this grey is sure to pop in any ensemble.


Another great fashionable option coming later this fall is our new Berry Heather Tights.  Berry Heather isn’t just a new color, but a beautiful new heathered texture, too.  These tights will keep your legs feeling great and looking positively amazing at this season’s holiday parties and gatherings.


Like all of our TherafirmLight socks and hosiery, these beautiful new Diamond Trouser Socks in Cosmopolitan Steel and Berry Heather Tights promote better blood flow and assist in preventing swelling in legs and feet.

We think these colors will really be a hit this season.  But, don’t worry if you haven’t yet picked up our Spring/Summer15 or Fall/Winter14 seasonal favorites.  The Spring/Summer15 colors are still here!  And the Fall/Winter14 colors can be purchased at a great discounted price . . . while supplies last!

Spring-Summer 2015

Fall-Winter 2014

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