Therafirm Employee Favorites

At Therafirm, we truly believe in our products.  We wear them and our families and friends wear them, too.  But with a variety of products, we each have our favorites.  Believing in our products kind of makes us experts on wearing them.  We surveyed the Therafirm team to find out their favorites, so we could recommend them to you.  With so much to choose from, we really have something for everyone.

Jim Gillespie, Customer Service
Therafirm Favorite: Core-Spun
“I love the fact that they are easy to put on, and provide the compression support I need all day and all evening.  They are comfortable to wear as I work multiple jobs which equates to very long hours, and my feet and legs feel great at the end of every day.”

Janelle Haskins, Senior Business Analyst, Systems Manager
Therafirm Favorite: Core-Spun
“My mom would probably say that she prefers it because it feels more like a normal sock.  It doesn’t feel like she’s wearing some special medical garment.”


Ron Hercules, EVP Sales
Therafirm Favorite: SmartKnit Diabetic Socks
“I wear them because they hug my feet, no wrinkles, they keep my feet dry, and are very comfortable.”

Jim Gillespie, Customer Service
Therafirm Favorite: SmartKnit Seamless Socks
“As a type 1 Diabetic of 42 years, I know the importance of taking care of my feet.  The SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Socks are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, and I never have to worry about pressure sores from seams, no matter what shoes or boots I’m wearing.”


Leah Hicks, Assistant Warehouse Manager
Therafirm Favorite: Core-Sport
“With having a job that requires me to be on my feet most of the day I love wearing the Core-Sport.  The fit is extremely comfortable and they keep my legs and feet from feeling tired and sore.”


Chris Vering, EVP, CFO, COO
Therafirm Favorite: EASE Men’s Trouser
“The Ease men’s trouser socks are easy to put on and very comfortable to wear, no matter the temperature.  In the summer when it is hot like it is now, the socks are cool and do not cause you to be uncomfortable when wearing.  The stylish ribbing are an added plus for all occasions, dress or casual.”


Crystal Bauer, Media Analyst
Therafirm Favorite: TherafirmLight Footless Tights
“I love wearing the footless tights to the office.  They’re lightweight and not too hot for the summer, plus I can still wear my sandals.  My legs don’t get as tired throughout the workday when I’m wearing them.  And, I love the fashionable colors!”



One response to “Therafirm Employee Favorites

  1. Thanks for your review of your favorite kinds of socks for men and women. I like Ron’s comment about how those Diabetic socks hug is feet, don’t wrinkle and keep his feet dry. I do a lot of running, and these are some of my primary concerns about finding socks that stay comfortable. I might have to consider looking into diabetic socks for my longer runs. Thanks for the reviews.

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