National Public Health Week – April 6-12 – Part 2


A followup to Monday’s post on National Public Health Week . . .

Part 1

Where We Still Need to Improve:


  1. Life Expectancy – Although the life expectancy for a U.S. citizen has grown, it has grown at a slower rate than other comparable counties. Our life expectancy is still lower than comparable counties.
  2. Adverse Birth Outcomes – Although infant mortality has decreased, we will have the highest rate of infant mortality, low birth weight and maternal death due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Children are less likely to live to age 5.
  3. Injury and Homicide – Deaths from motor vehicle crashes, non-transportation injuries and violence occur at much higher rates than comparable countries.
  4. Heart Disease – U.S. death from heart disease is second highest among comparable countries.
  5. Obesity – U.S. has the highest obesity rate across all age groups.
  6. Diabetes – Adult U.S. citizens are among the highest prevalence of diabetes.
  7. Chronic Lung Disease – High prevalence of lung disease associated with higher mortality.
  8. Adolescent Pregnancy and STDs – Americans have the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy and are more likely to acquire STDs.
  9. HIV and AIDS – The U.S. has the second highest prevalence of HIV infection among 17 peer counties and the highest incidence of AIDS.
  10. Drug Related Mortality – We lose more years of life to alcohol and other drugs than people in peer counties even when deaths from drunk driving are excluded.
  11. Cancer – Approximately 80-90% of all cancers may be caused by environmental and lifestyle triggers, as opposed to genetics.
  12. Food Supply – Unsafe food can affect the health of anyone with diseases such as E. coli and listeria.
  13. Second Hand Smoke – The Department of Health and Human Services reports that second hand smoke causes approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths annually.
  14. Trans Fats – Foods containing trans fats are a major contributor to coronary heart disease.
  15. Vehicle Safety – Seatbelts and airbags, when used properly, have saved 135,000 lives since laws were passed requiring their use.
  16. Influenza – Annually, influenza causes an average of 36,000 deaths, making it the 7th highest ranked cause of death.

** Facts are from the American Public Health Association and

Follow the American Public Health Association and National Public Health Week all this week for tips and information regarding improving Public Health.  Live Healthy!  Be Happy!

We’ll finish up this series on Friday with What We Can Do to Improve Public Health . . .

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