Compression Socks that are Easier to Get On

Have you struggled with traditional compression stocking?  Have they been too hard to get on?  Not stretchy enough to pull over your feet? Are they rough and scratchy? 

A Solution:

Our new Core-Spun by Therafirm compression socks are a patent pending socks are designed to look and feel like everyday, soft socks with the added benefit of correct gradient compression.  Ultra stretchy yarns make Core-Spun Socks easier to put on and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Core-Spun Compression Socks are stetchier and easier to put on because of a special core-spun yarn.  These core-spun yarns contain Lyra which makes the sock stretchy and much easier to slip on.  Core-Spun compression socks are also moisture wicking which means cool feet in the summer and warm feet in the winter.  High tech fibers are also used to help wick moisture away from the feet to help ensure a more hygienic foot environment. 

What patients are saying…

I am 87 years old and have mild to moderate arthritis in both of my hands.  I had been prescribed, from my doctor, to wear a compression knee high in the 20-30mmhg range.  I could not get them on and had to drop down to a 10-15mmhg to be able to get the socks on.  When I was introduced to the CoreSpun hosiery I was able to get a 20-30mmhg sock on.  They were also much more comfortable than the “stiff” nylon hose that I had previously been wearing.

I now wear the CoreSpun 20-30mmgh every day.  I wear all three colors; black, blue and white.  They feel great and completely take care of my edema.

Ruth, Overland Park, KS

Want to try them for yourself?  

Check out our Retail locator for a location near you!

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